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Meraki Collective is a Manchester based company who's focus is to make interdisiplinary work that is current, vibrant & relevant.  Our main area is cross art form collaboration with our practice being deeply rooted in physical and dance theatre . Alongside performance works, Meraki Collective host live events &  workshops all with the aim of creating spaces for artists and art lovers to meet and connect regardless of their practice. 

It is our aim through these events, by bring artists to out of venues and into social spaces to reach new audiences in a comfortable environment.

At its heart our work is about engaging audiences who think theatre & the arts are not for them. 

About Us


Kill a witch or die trying 

Only Speak When Spoken To

Kill a Witch or Die Trying is the new visually captivating, belly laugh inducing dance theatre work by Meraki Collective. Journey through the ways that women are made monsters and celebrate with us the formidable power of Woman.

"Kill a Witch or Die Trying" was commissioned for Physical Fest 2019 as a female bursary winner and is supported by Waterside Arts as a Making Waves Bursary winner. With special thanks to HOMEmcr

"A terrifically shattering experience." ★★★★ 

Liverpool Sound & Vision


"a beautiful fairy tale, a frightening horror, a witty comedy and complex and thought provoking analysis of women yesterday, today and tomorrow" ★★★★ 

North West End 

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Only Speak

Armed with wigs and wit 'Only Speak When Spoken To' is Meraki Collective’s bright and
playful dance theatre show that takes on the rules around social etiquette.

It’s about the comedy in the contradictions & exposing the consequences of breaking the rules.

Step into a world where the tannoy is king, where suit jackets come to life and where the performers poke fun at what makes for polite behaviour. Through a combination of clowning, puppetry, movement and live looping the performers explore what rules are placed on us and what happens when we deviate from the norm.

We invite our audience to laugh with us and at us, as we play with the rules that govern polite behaviour. 

Commissioned by HOME for PUSH festival 2018 and Supported by Arts Council England
Only Speak When Spoken to  "is witty, surprising and fun it is also underpinned by clever choreography, expert attention to detail and a sense of timing that encompasses both sequences of synchronised movement and some nicely judged comic interplay." - Circles&Stalls 



Envisioned by Lucy Grayson revolving around the concept of emotion, with a stripped back version of the typical cinema experience that audiences are familiar with. Removing actors, narrative and dialogue, In Motion focuses on sound, light, visuals and music to take the audience on a journey through emotion, allowing the spectator to create their own narrative. 


Performed as part of THIS IS HUMAN season at HOME 


Digital Projections - Sean Clarke

original score composition and live music-  Alan Keary aka Shunya 

Choreography - Emilie Lahouel

Performers : Daniel Phung, Dominic Coffey & Joseph Mannion 

Meraki Sessions


A night celebrating mixed art form works ranging from Video Art, to Poetry, Visual Art to Live music and performance all wrapped up with a live dance jam! This is a night for artists to meet artists and for the public to be surrounded by beautiful works made by Manchester based creatives.

Meraki Sessions are a series of supportive platform events that encourageinterdisciplinary collaboration, conversation and celebration 


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